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From the Pastor

Have you stood in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store recently? If you have, you may have felt what I feel whenever I am there: the tyranny of choice. The ability to exercise choice is thought by some to be the hallmark of freedom, but when choice is multiplied and diversified greatly, a hallmark of freedom turns into the means of paralysis.

In some measure, this is what I am experiencing as I launch the pastor’s blog for our church. The array of possible starting points, what to include, what to say, how to get this endeavor off to a good start are, collectively, nothing short of daunting. Even so, Shakespeare’s Henry V rings in my ears, “unto the breach”! (or, if you prefer late 20th century movie references, you could insert Robin Williams’ character Mr. Keating, “Carpe Diem”!)

One question that strikes me as worth answering at the outset is, what is the purpose of this blog? My purpose is to have another platform by which I can communicate with the congregation. This communication may be about events that are taking place, situations that arise, reflections on what I’m reading or interviews with various people, among other things. The format will normally be the written word, but I am hoping to introduce video / audio elements as well. I am not planning for video / audio installments to be long, but do hope they will be informative and helpful. I am also going to use this blog as a way of answering questions that arise from the congregation. To that end, if you have a question you’d like to ask me, you can send it to Please note: I do not promise to answer every question I receive since I may receive more questions than I have time to answer. Nevertheless, I will make an effort to group types of questions together so that at least topics of similar interest will be addressed. Parents, if your children have questions, you should feel free to send them to me as well. I only ask that in the e-mail you make it clear that the question is from your child.

I hope this new venture proves helpful to those who take the time to read and / or watch what is posted. After all, the aim is that on Hogg’s blog there will be no baloney.

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