in From the Pastor

God Using Me

Isn’t it amazing? God is all powerful, all knowing, sovereign over every square inch of creation, and has set out his purposes from before the foundation of the world for his glory and our good. We, on the other hand, can spend an inordinate amount of time seeking power for ourselves, pretending we are all knowing, acting as though all sovereignty belongs to us and working to establish and promote our agendas as if they deserved to be set out from before the foundation of the world.

What strikes me as amazing about this is that in spite of it all, God not only calls all to himself, redeems all who repent and works to perfect his people through the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives, but he also uses us throughout this process to accomplish his will. If you stop and think about it for a moment, the depth of that kind of forgiveness and mercy should leave you stunned.

It’s a bit like a father including his child in a project he’s working on. In terms of ability or skill, the child can’t compare. In terms of helpfulness, the child is more of a hinderance. So why would a man include his child? Love. Because the father loves his child, he wants them to learn, to grow, to stay close, to share in the work. How much more our heavenly Father? The comparison is that God desires us to stay close and draw closer, to learn, to grow and to share in his work. The contrast is that despite our lack of ability, skill and helpfulness, God’s plans are not impeded, stopped, disrupted or compromised. That is true sovereignty.

Some might argue that such an understanding of sovereignty is a barrier to prayer, but it isn’t; it is the motivation. Anyone who prays is expressing their conviction that God is able, and that his sovereignty extends to the minute details of their concerns. What is astonishing is that we believe in God’s power, but all too often fail to believe he will act. Think of Peter in Acts 12 – he was barred from the very prayer meeting that was convened to ask for his release because the church refused to believe God had actually answered their prayer!

God used the prayers of the early church to release Peter from prison. God has used the prayers of Christ Baptist to plant a church in the Czech Republic, to build a camp in Moldova and a pastor’s training facility in Uganda, to send witnesses to the Far East and to Britain, to say nothing of spreading the gospel to children in our area through AWANA and VBS.

God moves when his people pray. We gather to pray for 30 minutes every Sunday morning at 8:15 am in D-01. In that time, God will draw you close, and he will include you in his work around the world. In short, God will use you. Isn’t that amazing?