in From the Pastor

God’s Continuing Goodness

Fifteen years ago this Sunday will mark the anniversary of Christ Baptist Church coming into existence. If Charles George were still with us he would regale us with stories of how God was clearly at work to bring this congregation into existence. Whether you’ve been involved in this work of God from the beginning or you’ve joined somewhere along the way, we can all rejoice in what God has continued to do in and through this body of believers.

Church-wide Initiatives

Last year at this time we introduced 3 initiatives that were designed to serve our goal of glorifying God through loving, growing and sending. The first was our family worship initiative (loving God). For some of you, this did not add a new practice to your daily lives, however we heard how some new resources we introduced were encouraging to you. For others, introducing and prioritizing family worship has represented a significant shift in your daily / weekly habits.

The second initiative was a desire to grow in our courage in having gospel conversations (growing in maturity). I wish everyone of you could hear all the stories and reports I heard about people in our congregation talking to others about the gospel, asking them questions leading to meaningful conversations and inviting people to church.

The third initiative was aimed at increasing specific and intentional involvement in short term missions trips (sending globally). The particular way in which we sought to do this was by asking people to sign up to pray for one or more trips and then let that team know who was praying for them during their time away. Over 550 people signed up to pray for our international missions efforts.

Church Plant

In addition to our efforts in short term outreach, this was the year we sent out our church planting team lead by Andy Duke. As an initial foray into church planting, we could not have sent anyone better to lead our effort, and I include Andy’s wife Heather in that assessment. Please continue to pray for the Dukes, Franks, Pitmans and Bohnkes as they seek to spread the gospel and plant a church in Windsor, CO.

Stephen Ministry

Shortly after we covenanted together as a congregation, Bradley Buie helped introduce and establish Divorce Care, Divorce Care 4 Kids and Grief Share. While Bradley has remained a part of this care ministry, Mark & Cindy Hunsinger have led this important work for many years now. Under Mark’s leadership we have now added Stephen Ministry as another way to help, encourage and support our congregation. Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one lay caring ministry that seeks to provide care to people who are hurting or enduring a difficult season in life. This is not a counseling ministry, per se, but a means of demonstrating Christlikeness within the body.

So much more could be said and written, and this Sunday morning you will discover more details about God’s continuing work at Christ Baptist.