in From the Pastor

Growing for All

Those Canadian Geese. One of the great ironies of the animal kingdom is that a bird known for being aggressive, messy and generally inhospitable to outsiders should be named after a people who have a reputation for being passive, clean and welcoming to all. How richly bizarre.

But why, you are doubtless asking yourself, am I ruminating on a flock of birds? Because, from time to time, they make their home in the water catchment area next to the grassy knoll (didn’t know we had a grassy knoll, did you?) that lies down the hill from the parking lot, opposite the gathering hall and in front of the youth room. This area is used by our youth every Sunday and when they have other events during the week, by our AWANA children when the light & temperatures are amicable, and at plenty of other times throughout the year. In other words, it’s a well used outdoor space on our property. It could, however, be a much better space for these groups and more if we renovated it. And by better, I mean more hospitable to humans and significantly less so to Canadians (the geese, not the people).

To this end, the elders convened a committee to look into what such a renovation might look like, and how it might be organized to prove beneficial to all ages. The result is a set of plans that, while still undergoing some refinement, will look something like this:

While more details will be forthcoming, we wanted you to know that these plans in a more final form will be presented to the congregation at our annual Church Family Gathering on Sunday May 19 for congregational approval. For now, let me highlight a few of the positives as I see them.

This space will have a large, flat, grassed area that can be used for all sorts of events, games & sports. There will be a wide walkway running around the outside edge that can be used as an exercise walking circuit or for those pushing baby carts / strollers in a pleasant environment. There will be a half-court basketball area for elder vs. deacon 3 on 3 tournaments (and others, I’m sure). There will be covered seating areas as well as naturally shaded areas for groups of people to enjoy the quiet outdoors. There will be graded amphitheater type seating in one corner that could be used for family movie nights or outdoor concerts. And, there will be a wrought iron-like fence around the entire area to keep children in and, yes, doing more to keep the Canadians out (again, the geese, not the people).

It’s exciting to think about this next phase of our growth because it will serve all ages and makes a statement to guests who visit us every week that people matter, that God’s creation is good, and that while Canadians are wonderful, borders are important.