in From the Pastor

Missions as Discipleship

The future of missions. This has been a perennial point of conversation for centuries. How can we best mobilize our people and resources to spread the gospel? How can we train people to know how to disciple others so that our efforts are self-multiplying? What is involved in planting a church? With whom and to what degree should we partner with other congregations in the gospel ministry?

Here at Christ Baptist we too are wrestling with these questions, and part of the answer – or better, the starting point for our answers – is the development of what we are calling MAP and MAST. What follows is a relatively brief video (approximately 10 minutes) in which Nathan explains our next steps in growing our approach to missions and cross-cultural ministry. Essentially, MAP will be comprised of the coming year’s short term trip leaders and MAST will be comprised of people who are not leading a trip, but who desire to remain actively involved in our missions efforts. There is much more to be said, so I’ll leave it to Nathan to explain…