in From the Pastor

Who are we?

It is the middle of the summer which can only mean one thing: Super Sunday School Summer Session. If you’ve been with us since the summer of 2017 you will know that we began taking this time (all of August + Labor Day Sunday) to gather all adult and youth Sunday School classes in the Fellowship Hall during the normal 9-10 am hour. We originally did this because 2017 was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg which has often been used as a marker for the beginning of the Reformation.

That summer session was very well received so we carried on with the church history theme last year and learned about the late & post-Reformation period. It appeared that this too was well received so we surveyed everyone asking about the value of this opportunity and received an overwhelmingly positive response. In light of this, we are pushing the boat out again this summer

This year will mark the last in our church history series as we learn together about our Baptist roots. How did Baptists form? What is our connection to the Puritans and the Reformation? Who were some key figures in the early years of Baptist life? What has made us who we are? To help us navigate these waters we will be hearing from some of the premier Baptist historians of our time (no exaggeration). Following is the schedule:

August 4 – Puritans: dispelling the myths (Nathan Tarr – our very own)

August 11 – Baptist Beginnings: the making of a tradition (Nathan Finn – Provost, North Greenville University, SC)

August 18 – Anne Dutton & women writers in Baptist History (Michael Haykin – Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality, Southern Seminary, KY)

August 25 – The Road to Augusta: the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention (Keith Harper – Senior Professor of Baptist Studies, Southeastern Seminary, NC)

September 1 – Missions through the Eyes of a Missionary: Lottie Moon (Keith Harper)

See you Sunday!