Christian Life Home

Contact: Sherry Mcyntyre

Christian Life Home (CLH) started in 1985 as a Christian family environment maternity home and has served hundreds of young women between the ages of 10-23.  Residential and non-residential clients are taught life skills and provided with counseling, classes and medical care.  Education and counseling on parenting and adoption prepare the girls to move forward with her decision for her and her baby.  If Family Reunification can’t be achieved, CLH has a Mother & Baby Home that might be an option.  CLH is answering the call to serve young women, young men and their families.

Get Involved

  • Summertime—cut grass, yard work, raking leaves,
  • Paper drive—toilet paper, paper towels
  • Baby bottle campaign
  • Ice cream bar, covered dish dinner, take the family out—bowling, etc
  • Women—house sitters, big sister (mentor)
  • Work projects in and around the home
  • Seasonal—Christmas, pumpkins, Thanksgiving