Christians from all walks of life are invited to join Christ Baptist Church. Christians are those who have: (1) asked God to forgive them of their sins, (2) believed that Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for their sins upon himself, (3) believed that Jesus conquered death when he rose from the dead, and (4) have been baptized and seek to be obedient to God’s Word.

Interview with a deacon, elder or member of pastoral staff. This normally happens after the end of the Sunday morning service and includes hearing your profession of faith.

Baptism by immersion after profession of faith. All members of Christ Baptist Church are baptized after they are saved; however, baptism in our church is not necessary if you have received immersion baptism at another evangelical church.

Attend a two-part membership class during the Sunday School hour.

Sign the church covenant and be presented to the congregation during a Sunday morning service. That day, a lunch is served for all new members as a way to welcome you.