Conversational English Camps in Czech Republic Fall 2022

October 25, 2022 to November 02, 2022
Czech Republic
Build relationships and share the gospel with unchurched Czech people as they are touched by Vlada’s ministry in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic. Opportunity for all ages and even family groups! Learn more as you “view details.”

This is the message for the next page: Can you speak English? Can you ask someone about their family? Their school? Sports? Their job? The history of their country? Their spirituality? If so, you qualify to participate with our church group. This is a great opportunity for a family missions trip, parent(s) with children. No age limit for children, but since childcare is not provided, parents of younger children will plan participation accordingly. Team members will need to be comfortable sharing their testimony, and the gospel (we can help you get ready for that). Team members will need to be comfortable with activity and walking, as most afternoon conversations will be in small groups as you might choose to play active outdoor games or walk around the town with camp participants. Scholarships are available for those who are going on a CBC missions trip for the first time, family discounts, and other reasons. The Czech Republic has a rational national policy about COVID, and we do not anticipate that trip(s) would be cancelled for that reason. Estimated cost of the trip is $1,500 per person.

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