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I was introduced to Saltshakers 6 years ago by a good friend of mine and it has been a blessing ever since. I know God is sovereign in every detail of our lives, but I am truly amazed every year how perfect the study is for what is happening in the world.

Each year I am truly inspired by God's unchanging love for His creation. It has helped me to live my life focused on Jesus, living one day at a time, knowing with complete assurance that His plan will prevail.

That first year I was really challenged to dig a little deeper into the Bible -to not just answer the questions, but to have quiet time and to reflect on what God was saying, to re-read the lesson and even discuss it with a fellow class member. I always learned something new in our small group and in the lecture. I cannot tell you how many times I walked out of a lecture so convicted of my personal sin that I didn't even realize I had committed. I never left Bible study unchanged. I am so excited each year for the study because I have so much more to learn about God.

It is hard to pick my favorite part of Saltshakers because I love it all. I love the lectures, the fellowship, but I also love sharing with fellow believers and hearing what they learned. I have been blessed by amazing leaders that have been godly woman in every respect and I have learned so much from them. One of my favorite years was when I was in a group with several “much younger” women. To say I was encouraged that year is an understatement as those younger women taught me so much as they shared their faith journeys and their heartfelt responses to our questions.

I love how Saltshakers includes women of all ages because we have so much to learn from each other. It is encouraging to see someone who is in the next stage of life, hear what worked for them, how God met them in their journey and how reassuring it is to know He will guide me in my journey as well.

I love the structure that Saltshakers has added to my Bible study time. I set time aside to do the study, but also to have a quiet time. Many times during the quiet time I am redirected back to a question or a verse. God speaks, you just need to be in His Word.

This study was a lifeline to me during the pandemic. I am so very thankful that we were able to meet in person. Gathering with believers, studying His Word, singing hymns, and praying for each other kept me focused on The Almighty God. How lucky I am that I can study God's Word with fellow believers!